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Keeping your machine tools up and running


Preventative Maintenance Programs

Preventative maintenance programs eliminate large-scale, costly repairs that can bust your budget.


When a machine breaks down, it often causes damage to other components, making a bad situation worse.

Well-maintained machine tools last longer, providing a greater return on investment.


Properly maintained equipment minimizes scrap, rework, missed deadlines and lost customers, allowing you to stay productive.

Your machine operators stay busy making parts instead of trying to fix broken machines or waiting for repairs.

Machine downtime is costly and frustrating.

If you need service any time, day or night, just one call to 866.385.2798 dispatches fast, reliable service.


Replacement Parts 

In most cases your parts can be shipped within 24 hours but sometimes, parts need to be sourced from an outside current inventory. If this is the case, we’ll let you know up front and provide an estimated arrival date for the part. 

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

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Getting the most out of your machine tools may depend on how well your machine operators know the ins and outs of the equipment.

And that’s precisely the reason Nomura DT offers technical training by our experts. From hands-on programming instructions following the purchase of your Nomura machine to basic mechanical and electrical maintenance training. Nomura DT offers a wide variety of training opportunities.

We can even arrange for a trainer to work with your large group or provide machine-specific training in your own facility.

Call 937.463.7706 to hear about more training opportunities.



At Nomura DT, we understand that structuring the right kind of financing is critical to balancing new technology that helps grow your business, with your capital and cash flow needs.

  • Flexible repayment terms
  • Rental agreements
  • Insurance
  • Accounts receivable factoring
  • Upgrades and add-ons to existing lease
  • Capital leases with $1.00 and fixed purchase options
  • Financing available throughout the U.S. and Canada
  • New equipment financing at market competitive rates
  • True Tax Leases that improve cash flow, offer immediate machine use and protection against obsolescence




The experts at Mitsubishi HC Capital America will work with you to develop a sound plan, tailored precisely for you.

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